Luxury Homes of Tennessee offers traditional services with modern improvements

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Real estate, like most every industry, is changing with the times, embracing the digital world, looking for ways to create new methods to better serve clients.

A trio of entrepreneurs — Aaron Kirchner, Nathan Throneberry and Shaun Minnie — have recently forged ahead in new methods to create two real estate brands, Luxury Homes of Tennessee ( and Homes of Tennessee (, each centered around choice when buying and selling homes.

For sellers, Homes of Tennessee not only offers choices of traditional full service with an agent, but also groundbreaking, non-traditional, ahead-of-the-curve choices, a fixed rate — no matter the price of the home — and an instant cash offer.

Though the traditional full agent service remains best suited to most of their clients, the fixed fee for listing — regardless of the price of the home — is gaining popularity with some sellers. The seller also pays the traditional 3% to the buyer’s agent. The home is marketed mostly online via an array of platforms, including Facebook. The trio says it is easy and seamless. The cash offer may suit, say a seller who has taken a new job elsewhere in the country, needs to go right away without leaving family behind. Bam, an all cash offer is made; the seller can walk away on any choice of date.

The fixed fee option is relatively new to the world of real estate, and in this case, comes from the other side of the world, South Africa, via Minnie, who owned a successful fixed fee real estate firm in Cape Town. He brought his experience and expertise to Middle Tennessee, and ultimately paired with Kirchner and Throneberry, each of whom was already in the real estate business.

“I had long wanted to come to the U.S. to live and do business,” Minnie said. “My wife and I visited New York and Boston in the winter, nixed that, explored the West Coast, and, unrelated to the search for a new spot to call home, we visited family in Brentwood.

“We loved it instantly. We found the people here to be lovely. The area offers such a rich but yet affordable lifestyle.”

He made a thoughtful and thorough search for a local Realtor to locate a new home.

“I researched resumes and results on the internet, I looked at statistics — I wanted a true professional to represent us in our search,” Minnie said. “I chose Nathan [Throneberry]; it turned out to indeed be a wise decision. He was so patient and looked after us. A true professional who knows this market. I knew that I would need to join locals to create a new real estate brand here. It became very apparent that Nathan would be one of them.”

Throneberry’s niche is in luxury real estate. He has overseen more than $100 million in real estate sales locally.

The third partner in the new brands, Kirchner, is a well-known principal real estate broker and owner of Franklin, Murfreesboro and Nashville Athletic Clubs.

Deeply rooted in the Williamson County community, he serves on various local boards and committees.

“I’ve known Nathan [Throneberry] for a number of years,” Kirchner said. “A true professional in the real estate business, I was intrigued by his and Shaun’s ideas of creating innovative new brands, doing things is new and innovative ways, embracing the digital world.”

This trio of successful businessmen present each client a choice of how to market their home. It’s not just a sign in the yard, an open house and other traditional methods — it’s all that and choices of fixed rate and cash offer.

“There are times when owners just want to sell immediately,” Kirchner said. “They don’t want to go through showings, inspections or making updates. With a cash offer, they can name the date they want to leave the home. We work with entities that pay the cash and take ownership. They will make any needed repairs or updates to the home, then put it on the market. The owners/sellers are not a part of any of that. They take the cash and move on. It’s a convenient way to sell a home.

“We meet with each client, sit down and explain all of the choices we offer and explain how each option will be marketed. It makes a world of difference to clients. We simplify both selling or buying. We work closely with both sellers and buyers to protect and maximize their home investment.”

The Luxury Homes of Tennessee brand offers every concierge service to buyers and sellers of higher-end homes.

“Nathan [Throneberry] leads this business,” Kirchner said. “He specializes in luxury properties. He really knows the market here in Williamson [County] as well as Nashville. He lives, eats and breathes luxury. His knowledge benefits both buyers and sellers.”

The Luxury Homes of Tennessee brand brings the skill, expertise and experience of an entire team of professionals to every transaction. The in-house marketing agency carefully designs bespoke marketing plans for the home, including targeted brochures, print and online exposure. The home listings are marketed internationally, and in-house media experience and expertise syndicates listings to thousands of buyers in the luxury demographic, according to Minnie.

“I am proud to have our entire firm focused on personalizing each client’s transaction,” he said. “Simply stated, all our work makes our clients winners.”

The firm which the two brokerages make up opened its doors in August of 2019 and has already had $10 million dollars in transactions closed.

Plans call for approximately 30 agents and support staff to be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

“We’re poised for strategic, controlled growth in our business,” Minnie said. “We’re building on our model of offering all clients a choice of how to sell their homes. Our cutting-edge technology teamed with many years of experience is key to our business and to each of our clients.”

The trio of entrepreneurs is changing the way homes are sold and bought. They’re embracing the future, today.

The brokerages are housed together at 231 Public Square in downtown Franklin. Reach the office at (615) 472-8961.

Visit and for more.

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